Today after a very long list of days of not updating this blog, I’ll write something..
I’m currently waiting for my new Nokia to arrive. After days of ebay-surveying and googling, months of youtube-ing, and years of symbian addiction, I’ve made up my mind. I’ll buy a new Nokia for this year. (–yeah—)
There are 5 colours to choose from; green, blue, silver, black, and orange. Though some may not prefer orange, i find that it actually looks quite nice and pretty…
But.. i like black…
So, i came to a state of uncertainty, a really serious one, that i spend almost 2 days on deciding which colour to choose.


But in the end, i chose BLACK. Pretty predictable…It’s the default colour of all my Nokias..I’ve ordered last week, so i should be receiving it around this week. To ensure that i can have a quality time with my new Nokia, I’m now struggling to finish all my homeworks and jikken-repoto before it arrives.
Good-luck to self!


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