Noob’s product shoot

A few weeks back, a magazine from South Africa used the N8 to shoot their front cover. They used some extra lightings with tripods and flashes and LEDs and umbrellas and a Mac for post editing. And the result is quite astonishing. I’ve got some new tungsten-lamps from a friend, so I thought maybe i can give it a try. So here’s what I managed to pull from my poorly set setup.

And here’s the oh-so-pro setup. Quite pathetic honestly. Just a pair of tungsten lamps, with a few piece of white papers stapled to the wall as the background.

All of these photos have some shadows behind/below them, because I didn’t use photoshop (or any other computer based editing software) for the post-editing. Each one of these photos is uploaded straight from the phone, with the white balance/ISO set manually during shooting. The highlight ratio and sharpness are adjusted also from within the phone after each shot with the built-in editor.

Here’s another one. My Canon Kiss x4 thru the lens of the N8.

More photos from the N8 in my Flickr album


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