Few years back, I drew..

Upon browsing my old laptop, I found some shitty drawings I made from the year 2005~2007.

Those times, I actually drew. And I drew a lot. Every blank pages of my note books was filled with robots and monsters and ultramans. I even bought drawing pens (which were really expensive, considering my economically challenging life as a savvy high school student at that time) to cater my needs.

But now that I’ve came to japan, learnt something about robotics, bought gundams etc. , gradually I stopped drawing. And I have no idea why..

This was supposed to be a Star-Wars like ship.

Oooh. There’s a date at the bootom
Drew this for the school magazine cover. –Rejected


Really wish I could keep drawing like before. It was fun. It kept me busy. But now, oh shit. I don’t know what’s happening to me.

I’m blaming the INTAARNET!!


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