Low light


Taking photos in low light conditions is not a fun thing to do. From more than 10,ooo of photos I’ve took, most of them were shot at night, indoors, and were poorly lit. Even with a prime lens attached to my X4, it doesn’t seem to be enough. They might look greaton the LCD preview, but on a PC they are mostly unsatisfiable. There are grains and noises in most of them. Not to mention the blurriness. Ugly. I’ll never be a pro like this.Maybe my f/1.4 lens is not fast enough.. Should I go for an f/1.2?

Or should I just use the flash? But then, I kind of hate flash. It’s distractive and doesn’t look quite natural for me. I want to look discreet. So I don’t think I’ll be buying any speedlight etc for now. Yes, some might say a good photographer needs this extra things. But I don’t even have a tripod until now. I only have two lens, and a beginner DSLR body made of plastics. And an N8 of anodized aluminium body for general multipurpose anytime anywhere shots.

But I thank God for all that I have. No need to buy new things if I can’t even improve my own skills, right? As for low-light phototaking, I need to have a steadier hands. to lessen teh blur. Blur is uglier than noise. Period.


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