dambo w/ salt by kamuscasio
dambo w/ salt, a photo by kamuscasio on Flickr.

Life doesn’t always give us shining stars. Life sucks, doesn’t it? Well no, we suck! We can’t expect to get everything nice everytime. We can’t expect everything around us to be perfect. Effing everytime!
Even we, ourselves, are NOT.
When life gives us lemons, make some lemonades. or something. Talking shit, weeping everyday about those lemons won’t make us feel any better, right? Some jokes might sound a bit harsh or disrespectful to our ears, but to our friends, they’re merely jokes. -Having some fun, you know. The stuffs friends do. No need to take everything to heart. Take it easy. Laugh with them. They couldn’t mean anything bad, or trying to make fun of us, or anything. Seriously. No need to be sarcastic, discussing that paranoia of everyone-hates-me publicly. No need at all.

We need to take it easy.

Take a pee. Wash our faces. And go to sleep.


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