This, might not be a perfect looking photo, but for me, the moment it captured is perfect. How often do you go on a train, and come across two different people reading the same book sitting side by side, with two other old ladies literally having the same pose and style and clothes and everything all in one frame, right?

It was August11, and I went to Tokyo for some business. Yeah, business. I brought my Canon 60D with my 50L lens that day. But to be honest, I didn’t quite take a lot of photos (in the train) with it. I didn’t have the courage to shove my DSLR to some strangers face on that limited space. Who does that anyway? I might get punched in my face for doing that. And, my lens that day is too long for shooting things at short distance. 50mm is long. you can’t put everything in view with this kind of lens. it’s limited. Fuuuhhh.
I did shoot a few though, but they were mediocre, as always.
But this one, is somewhat special. I pointed my N8 and shot straight at that girls face, with FLASH! (I didn’t mean to…But it was dark, hahah). Thankfully the train was just coming out of a tunnel, so the sudden flash of light from my Nokias Xenon flash didn’t seem to bother them.

So you see, even with a small device like this, you can come up with great things. By great things, i don’t mean the bokehness or the hipstamaticky effect or anything artsy or something. It’s the moment that matters.

See something. Take your nokia out. Start the camera. And push the button. (because Nokias have camera buttons)


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