50L by kamuscasio
50L, a photo by kamuscasio on Flickr.

I’ve got my Canon 50L lens back!
In just 3 days! Canon jp is soo awesome! Gotta love how the japanese work. Their customer service is so great!
I sent the lens with my 60D and 28-70L, just so that they can calibrate my faulty 50L. But instead of just fixing the 50L, they even updated my 60D’s firmware, and cleaned my 50L (together with my 28-70L)! For free!
I bought my gears used, from Yahoo.Auction, so I have no warranty left in any of my lenses. Yet I still got that free service. Thank you Canon!

Now I’m still testing the 50L. It gets better, I guess. A lot better at focussing, and lesser chromatic aberrations. But still not as sharp as my 11year old 28-70L.

I guess there’s nothing anyone can do about that. It’s an ultra-fast prime lens afterall. It’s made for bokehhhhh.

I’ll just have to live with it.


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