Narita-Kuala Lumpur

I came to Japan on March 22nd 2008. Precisely four years later (March 22nd 2012), I finally graduated and got my bachelor’s degree. These four years, I have changed so much. I came here fat, got soooo skinny and “healthy” in the middle years, and then back to fat again. In fact, fatter. I was so stingy that I only ate cabbages and beansprouts when I was in year 1 and 2. I was so skinny that I even went to Muse’s live concert wearing skinny green jeans! Green! Skinny jeans!Those times are fun! Haha.
Anyways, back to 2012;
I am now a changed person. Not just physically, of course. Though I am not sure if I have changed for the better or not, I know that I have learned so much these four years. I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to come here. Thank you mum and dad, though I rarely say it with words, I love you both soo much! Thank you my friends, thank you everyone!

Today I’ll be back home for good. Ending this 20+years of student life and starting a new one as a worker. An engineer working at a factory… A factory worker? Hmm..


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