Oh Penang!

IMG_4098 2IMG_4095IMG_4049IMG_3991IMG_3990IMG_4026 The famous Cendol! IMG_4249IMG_4250IMG_4258IMG_4260 The legendary Nasi Kandaq of Hameediyah Restaurant! Sloppy but tasty. IMG_4328IMG_4329 IMG_4303IMG_4327IMG_4304IMG_4318IMG_4326IMG_4324 IMG_4268

Sightseeing along the streets/market

IMG_4208IMG_4203 IMG_4193IMG_4212

Fresh frogs for sale.

IMG_4190 IMG_4189IMG_4187IMG_4184



IMG_4172IMG_4275 IMG_4170 IMG_4161IMG_4129 IMG_4133 IMG_4122IMG_4104 IMG_4118IMG_4160

Stitched PanoramaIMG_4114IMG_4113IMG_4112IMG_4110IMG_4102IMG_3988IMG_3982IMG_3913IMG_3906IMG_3901IMG_3893




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