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All of a sudden my N9 is playing the soundtrack from a film which I really love. So, here goes an entry (unrelated to the above pic);
The Fountain – is one of my all time favorite film. It`s a film which so clearly has its heart in the right place, which the director created with such passion, and which works so well on so many levels, even with a very complicated twisting storyline. It basically follows one man (or 3 men, depending on one`s understanding of the plots), named Tom, across thousand years and three lifetimes, on his quest to find eternal life and be with his love, Izzi, forever. Tom is played by Hugh Jackman in all three parts (a 16th century conquistador, a 21st century scientist, and a someone from a very distant future in a bubble-like spaceship). Confused? Yes, you should be. Wait till you see the film. Nothing about The Fountain is predictable. The love story, the spirituality, the philosophy in the film is interwoven so extensively into the film that you will have to re-watch the film again to partially understand the plot. It’s that good. It’s a film meant for the soul.
And the soundtrack; it`s addictive. I bet everyone have heard the soundtrack somewhere.

If you’re looking for something different/less straight forward, I highly recommend The Fountain.


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