Mawar got hurt last week.

On Tuesday, I got back from work but Mawar was not at home. The cat food I prepared outside the house that morning was still there. She did not seem to have eaten much that day. She must have wandered around the neighbourhood by herself, I thought. So I just let her have her cat-time, maybe with her new cat-friends. At about 8.00pm, I went out for dinner and went home at 9.15pm. She was still not back at home yet. I meowed and called for her name, only to find her walking slowly from the other side of the road towards me with a sad face.

Her stomach was strangely ‘kempis’ (tak tau dalam english apa, malas nak gugel), and she was breathing heavily with a swollen chest. I tried feeding her with a pack of whiskas and some water, but she just would not eat or drink at all. The swollen chest made it difficult for her to lay (or lie?) down on her stomach. So that night, she sat beside a wall and lean her head there to sleep. Poor thing..

I thought of taking her to a vet the next day, but I was busy. By the time I got home, the clinics nearby have already closed. (I went to a total of 4 clinics that evening).

So on Thursday morning, with Mawar on my lap I drove to the nearest pet clinic, near Taman Botani. There, the vet advised me to go to Jabatan Veterinar Ipoh, near Aeon Kinta City as she was not able to help since she does not have the proper equipment; specifically an x-ray. So I went straight to Jabatan Veterinar, take my number, waited for a few minutes and met the vet. He hold Mawar by the neck, claimed that she was hit and could have an internal injury, and gave her an injection. He said there’s nothing else I can do except to wait and pray. In 2 weeks time, if she can make it I am lucky, but if she die I must be ready. He said.

Frankly, I do not know whether the man attending Mawar is really a vet or not. He wore a shirt with no nametag. Without further checking anything, he crushed any hope for curing Mawar.

Disappointed, I took Mawar to Ipoh Garden Animal Clinic, which the first vet I went have recommended (besides Jabatan Veterinar). It’s a big clinic, situated at the same row as Bank Simpanan Nasional.


The location for the vet

The doctor attending Mawar checked her condition on a table, then took her to a room to get her x-rayed.


mawar1 copy

No wonder she could not eat or drink, or even sleep properly. Her internal organs were out of place! Due to outer force, probably got kicked by someone or hit by a car, the diaphragm between the intestines and the lungs have already ‘koyak’ (koyak dalam english, broke ke?), making the intestines move upwards from the stomach, into the place where the lungs are. So now the intestines are pressing the lungs- the reason why she was breathing heavily. Some of the intestines even moved outside the bones of the chest. Ya Allah..

Absolutely no outer injury, everything was fine. If she was hit by a car, there would be fractures or bruises, but there was none. So the doctor said that she was likely been hit by someone purposedly, probably got kicked straight at the stomach!

She was literally hurt inside. She could not eat or drink because whenever something goes through her intestines, it would further press her chest. She could not sleep while lying on the floor because of that, too.

What should I do?

The doctor gave me 2 choices.

Just let her fight for herself with the help of a few medicines, or do a surgery with a 50-50 survival rate. She could live maybe for a few more months, as long as she eat or drink properly, on a condition that her condition does not worsen. But then again, she would not eat or drink anything since it would hurt her.

I do not have the heart to see Mawar suffer. So I agreed for her to have a surgery. At least she would not have to suffer for a few more months and then eventually die.. At least I am trying..

The surgery was scheduled for today (Sunday, 17th August 2014). So I left her there for a few days to wait for her condition to stabilize and get ready for the surgery.

I have just came back from the clinic, visiting her before the surgery begins this afternoon. She looked better. The swollen chest has gotten a bit smaller, as the misplaced intestines are not as serious as before. Now she can even lie down on the floor as usual. Alhamdulillah.

IMG_1294 IMG_1293IMG_1297 IMG_1298 IMG_1299

 At 1.00pm I left the clinic. The doctor told me that he will call me once the surgery is done. Hope everything goes well!

Read more on Diaghragmatic Hernia here


The doctor called me at 6.20pm. 

Alhamdulillah the surgery went well. Mawar is now ‘warded’ at the clinic, still not awake at that time.

Speedy recovery, Mawar-chan!



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